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Audison TH 3.0 II voce Mid Range | 110 W Peak Power | 70 mm | 4 ohm

Audison TH 3.0 II voce Mid Range | 110 W Peak Power | 70 mm | 4 ohm

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  • 30,5 mm mobile voice coil in CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon)
    wound with flat wire to maximize the force factor and heat dissipation. 
  • Aluminium demodulation ring which linearizes the high excursion
    intermodulation distortion, canceling any sound colorations.
  • N38 “H-grade neodymium magnet included in the voice coil to obtain
    superior control of the mobile crew and superior thermal stability. 
  • Motor geometry designed using finite element simulation software to
    optimize efficiency by concentrating the magnetic field in the gap. 
  • Membrane made of TPX®, a transparent material that reduces
    frequency response irregularities and provides a view of the inside of
    the speaker. 
  • Membrane geometry designed by simulation software to obtain
    homogeneous directivity.
  • Optimized cone/surround break-up with extensive simulations to
    linearize the response at medium frequencies.
  • Basket made of a single piece of die-cast aluminium with four pairs of
    spokes for maximum rigidity without slowing down the air flow. 
  • Suspension and spider with very high excursion, optimized with
    simulations of the multi-physical behavior of the speaker.
  • eID technology for the traceability of TH 3.0 II Item from production to

Size    70 mm
Power Handling - Peak    110 W
Power Handling - Continuous    55 W
Impedance    4 Ohm
Frequency Response    110 ÷ 5700 Hz
Magnet Material    SPECIAL NEODYMIUM N38H
Voice Coil Ø    30.5 mm
Woofer Qes    0,52
Xmax    3.3 mm

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