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Hertz MP 165.3 PRO 165 (6.5) mm (in.) | Woofer | 180 W | 4 Ohm

Hertz MP 165.3 PRO 165 (6.5) mm (in.) | Woofer | 180 W | 4 Ohm

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1.PURE COPPER VOICE COIL: wound on a Polyamide former for high power handling combined with very low intermodulation distortion of vocals.
2.EXPONENTIAL V-CONE® PROFILE: geometrically optimized for utmost linearity and dispersion in the mid frequency range. (Logo VCone)
3.“BOUNDARY FREE” RUBBER SURROUND: for improved efficiency and wider mid-bass frequency. (Logo Boundary Free)
4.HIGH DENSITY FLUX FERRITE MAGNET: combined with very low carbon content iron plates, for low distortion at high power levels.
5.BASKET: low mounting depth, acoustically transparent aluminium alloy basket with elegant diamond cutting and featuring the aluminium Hertz logo.

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