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Hertz MPBX 300 S2 300 (12) mm (in.) | 1000 W | 2 Ohm

Hertz MPBX 300 S2 300 (12) mm (in.) | 1000 W | 2 Ohm

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  1. Ultra-shallow sealed enclosure specifically optimized to deliver all the MPS 300 S2 subwoofer performance.
  2. 15 mm (0.59 in.) wood thickness for incomparable robustness.
  3. Panel-to-panel internal bracing with solid corners to minimize resonances
  4. Round corners to ease the placement
  5. Internal sound-absorbing material virtually increases the box’s volume and reduces acoustic resonances.
  6.  2S² (2 Sides/2 Sounds) design provides the ability to choose between Down-Firing mounting, through supplied feet with Hook-and-loop inserts, to increase the low-frequency extension, and Up-Firing install to obtain more punch and definition.
  7. SSP (Sub Smart Plug) features both Plug-&-Play terminal block and traditional push terminals providing bulletproof connection and quick release.
  8. Robust screw-less mesh grille included featuring adjustable logo position suitable for reverse install.
  9. EID: Scan, Discover, Identify.

Driver MPS 300 S2

  1. Ultra-shallow structure compatible with minimum-depth enclosures.
  2. 500W continuous power handling, 2Ω impedance.
  3. Air Intercooling Revolution (A.I.R.) prevents air-compression-related limitations.
  4. Die-cast aluminum frame­.
  5. Unrivaled mechanical excursion, +20% over traditional designs.
  6. Six-layer copper voice coil (38mm/1.5 in.) ensures high thermal capacity.
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