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Hertz MPCX 2 TM.3 PRO Crossover

Hertz MPCX 2 TM.3 PRO Crossover

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1. Two-position (0 / +2 dB) switch for tweeter level adjustments, to fine-tune the transducers emission.
2. 160V extremely high quality bi-metallized polyester film capacitors with ultra-low DF, for maximum sound transparency and neat mid/hi-frequencies.
3. 1mm pure copper wire low series resistance inductors, for low dissipation losses in the mid-range section where high transient currents are demanded.
4. Small footprint design for easy installation, with top vent grille for efficient heat dissipation.
5. Passive crossover specifically developed for MP 70.3 and MP 25.3 when installed in a 3-way multi-amplification system and combined with an MP 165.3/ MP 165P.3 woofer actively driven.

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