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Saddle Tramp

Saddle Tramp BC-9726 Amp Bypass Harness

Saddle Tramp BC-9726 Amp Bypass Harness

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Product highlights:

  • OE amplifier bypass harnesses
    • May lose digital fader by removing OE amplifier(s)*
  • front amp bypass all CVO 14+
  • Tour Pak amp bypass 14+ (rear)
  • Left saddlebag amp bypass 14+ (rear)
  • Right saddlebag amp bypass 18+CVO SG only
  • Saddlebag speaker plugs 14+ and 11-13 CVO SG/RG
  • To retain the digital fader capability, we recommend using a BC-DSPX-HD2 or BC-DSPL-HD2.

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